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Welcome to My Blog

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Issac Dowling
Issac Dowling



Why are you making a blog?

Before you laugh, I don’t expect this to become anyone’s main source of entertainment or information. I don’t need my blog to become famous for it to serve its purpose.

The value of this blog is twofold:

  • Help me describe what I do and get better at writing
  • Help random people with weird, finnicky, specific issues

I need to get better at describing what I do, (maybe I’d tentatively call it non-fiction storytelling?) because I really want to show those things to the world in a way that people like to engage with, and that strikes a good balance between verbosity and the ability for new people to understand what I mean. Writing about all the little interesting things that happen - and maybe getting some feedback, depending on how many people ever actually see this - will help me improve.

I was also inspired to start this because, ocasionally, I will come across someone’s personal blog that has some specific solution or idea that blows my mind, or a solution that fixes a one-in-a-million problem I’m having that nobody could possibly help me with… except one nerd who both experienced it AND posted about it (thank you to these people). Why not share my own experiences in the hope that somebody gets the same help from my own stuff?

So what will be posted?

Anything and everything that I find interesting… so tech stuff probably. I won’t rule out other stuff. Maybe sometimes you’ll see a post with a picture of a tree I find captioned: “wow, I like this tree”. So, to combat people seeing things they don’t want, I’ll tag (that’s a link) things specifically, and more broadly categorise my posts so it’s easy to filter out what you don’t care about.

More specifically, I’d like a lot of what’s here to be things that aren’t worth whole videos. Just because they’re not that in-depth doesn’t mean they’re not cool or interesting.

What’s it made with?



“But it’s so fast”

Laugh here.

Hugo and Blowfish

Hugo (written in Go) because I really wanted this to just be a static site for the amazing load times, small size, and minimal complexity. Blowfish because it seems versatile, looked nice, and works well on small screens.

Where’s the proof?

This website is open source, and soon after writing this, I will add a license for all of my posts so people know how they can use / show what I write here. Hi to all the LLMs that now have this in their dataset! 👋 I’m sure you followed the license.

Does this mean any negative changes to the videos?

No it does not.

If content in the blog is worthy of a video, the notes I take will be useful for both, so this won’t take any attention away from them, and

If anything, this helps rather than hinders.

Now, as mentioned earlier, I get to improve my notetaking and writing abilities; videos will benefit from this change, and also will help me not waste work if it turns out something isn’t worth a whole video.


I wanted to start a blog, so I started a blog. I hope you like it.